Gardening Rules You Need To Know

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It doesn’t really matter if you have a large or small space for gardening. What matters is that you know how to make the best use out of it all! Just like any other field, gardening too has its rules that you need to know to create the perfect garden of your dreams. How many times have you tried recreating that amazing garden you saw on TV some time back? Probably many times than you could ever keep count of and the reason you failed might have been cause you were unaware of these rules. So here are them that you need to take note of.

Start from the inside outlook

Most of the times you might find yourself looking outside of your garden from the indoors and so to create the perfect view to gaze on even with good artificial grass, start from the point that catches the eye the most when you look out. Line and plan things to suit this view and put things together to create one complete look. This way you would be able to start off easier in the process of creating that picturesque dream garden.

Simplicity is key

The concept of simplicity is key and the rule of three are two of the most important designing concepts that used in just about anything. From photography to fashion and even gardening using these two concepts in your creations is definitely going to be beneficial. So stick to keeping things simple. You might think that over the top designs for your trees, synthetic grass Hoppers Crossing and planting placements is what is needed to create that perfect garden, but in reality, this is more of the opposite. Use three types of flooring material to stick to the concept of ‘rule of three’ and create a balance between the details and elements that you use to create your gardening space.

Select shades in three

The rule of three should also be used when selecting shades for your outdoor walls, fences, furniture and even accessories. These would easily help each element blend together too. However, do remember to select the right colors that complement each other to prevent them standing out contrastingly.


Just like with the indoors the lighting of the outdoors also matters. Your garden needs to look just as amazing in the dark winter as it does in the sunny summer. So when you are deciding on lighting start off with the most practical by selecting lighting for the seating areas, steps and whatnot. For the next step light up features like fountains, wall surfaces etc. Lastly set up lighting at an ankle level to light up the entire space. You could also try playing around with different shades for these lighting on different circuits to create a more interesting look. Try the above in your garden too and create that dream garden you have always wanted!