Why It Is Important To Use Environmental Friendly Bags

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In our daily routine life we always surrounded by some common things some of them are useful for us while some of them are harmful. The truth is we never care about those things until and unless we have to take extra advantage. Let’s discuss about bags whose usage is very common in our daily routine life. Either we have to take and carry dairies, vegetables, fruits and any digestible or stationery items, we often use certain bags to carry and transport it from one place, shop, office to another or to home. 
In old times, when there were no bags or its any types, invented. Except large things which were transported usually on animals People use to carry all items onto jute made base which was fixed on their head, Latter on they realize why don’t they used that jute made base as a bag or sack which would be more feasible, since than its revolution came into being and now people are using plastic and polythene based shopping and normal bags but soon after realizing that some plastic materials are harmful for human being so in most countries it’s been banned but still in some areas people are used to of it. 

According to science, every invention is based on available information and research is something which can’t be come to an end so as per researches invented things amended to its latest findings so that human can gain the maximum benefits out of it without losing more. Similarly, in calico bags when people come to know than by using these ordinary and disposable bags environment is getting more polluted. It is reported that on an average the wastage of only bags are 5 tons based on small city with a population of 5 Million which means that on an average every person is generating 0.90 grams of pollution on every day. Now this pollution is not only effecting environment by blockage of sewerage lines, increased garbage and other effect but also it is effecting on human health. Due to these and other like production cost and recycling problems, scientist gives a theory of environmental friendly bags, which termed as “Eco-Friendly”. Now most of the companies are working on it to transforming those bags into eco-friendly bags and start its production with minimum cost, as it is very important things as well as people don’t want to spend much on bags. 

There are several companies which are producing cost effective and eco-friendly bags and marketing them among most of the markets to get conversion also some companies and social organization are running campaigns for educate people more about it. There are many types of eco-friendly bags, which we recommend  such as calico bags, hemp bags, hessian bags, biodegradable bags, canvas bags, jute and juco bags and other shopping re-useable or recycle bags. These bags can also be used as professionally by printing corporates or any specific logos, trademarks, signs etc. on it with specified ink which aren’t harmful for human. calico-bags-aus